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Tool Shop

Our own tool shop is ideally suited for the production of new tools as well as for modifications, optimisations and maintenance. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art machines. Our range includes tools from 150 kg up to 15 tonnes. Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees, we are able to implement even the most complex customer requirements according to the schedule. Long-term partnerships with internationally active tooling plants enable us to react quickly and flexibly. We look forward to receiving your challenge!

CNC Milling

With our modern and high-performance machines, we are able to carry out 3, 3+2 and 5 axis simultaneous machining processes. The heavy duty cutting is carried out using our horizontal machining centre with a maximum distributed weight of 3T. This also allows us to place drill holes at the most varied of angles. With our sizing machines, we can use milling techniques to achieve contours with a corner radius of up to 0.3mm. A modular measuring system is also integrated into our Fidia K-GTF which we use to instantly determine the contours of the tool. All of our milling machines are operated on a 2+1 shift model and can be used by every milling cutter. Our machines are directly connected to the CAM department so that the programmes can be uploaded online.

Manual Work

In the Manual Work department, highly-qualified and motivated tool engineers are at work. Their job includes new assembly and tool changes as well as qualifying internal and external injection moulding tools. The tool engineers are brought into the creative process as early as the design phase so that their wealth of experience can be used to avoid design faults from the very beginning.

Our employees are experts in production procedures and are therefore able to process all possible tool types. In the machine plant there are also 2 sanding and 2 radial-arm drilling machines as well as a CNC lathe and a die-spotting press.

The benefits:

  • Experienced tool engineers often with many years in the industry
  • Strong skills in all production processes including tandem and 2K-rotary tools

Extensive knowledge of hot runner technology and hydraulic/ pneumatic controls

Tool Maintenance

A team of experienced tool engineers are on hand on a 2-shift model for matters concerning tool maintenance. This guarantees that the production process takes place without any problems or faults. By using maintenance modules in the operational data log, it is possible to plan tool maintenance in advance, due to a connection to the number of items completed. Production can provide information on tool optimisation and initiate repair jobs. Employees are regularly trained in the fields of hot runner technology, hydraulics and surface technology (grain and high-gloss polishing). A well classified store of replacement parts allows for quick tool restoration.

The benefits:

  • No delivery bottlenecks due to a lack in tool maintenance
  • Fast and flexible tool reworking in the event of a fault
  • Trained staff - also in hot runner and hydraulic technology


Coko considers training to be extremely important. Many of our current employees joined the company as apprentices. Our apprentices want to train as tool engineers with a specialism in moulding technologies. Throughout the holistic training, all of our apprentices are allowed to work in the design, injection moulding, process optimisation, quality assessment and measuring technology departments in order to understand all of the other processes involved in injection moulding tool making.


For the purposes of electroerosion, we have not only the Gantry 1200 and Gantry 1300 but also a Eagle Gantry 1200 erosion centre so we can process workpieces with a surface of 1300mm x 2010mm. The HSC 5-axis milling machine for electrode generation integrated into the erosion centre is connected to an Erowa robotic system which supplies both the milling and erosion machines with electrodes. A selection of 140 electrodes and 7 UPC sites (for workpieces) are available in a magazine. The other two machines are each equipped with a 12-fold pickup-changer ruler. Once the milling process is complete, all electrodes are measured according to the DEA Global Performance 757 standard and electronically operated.

Deep-Hole Drilling

We use the TL 1004 by Ixion for drilling deep holes. With this machine, we can reach drilling depths (z) of up to 1000mm. The precision of the drilling process is around 0.6mm/m. For creating diagonal drill holes, a starting surface must be established using the milling machine. Once this has been completed, we are then able to drill holes into any possible corners as the table can be rotated 180°.

Wire Cutting

We carry out wire cutting using Makino wire erosion machines. An SP 64 with a work area measuring 600mm x 400mm x 400mm and a max. table load of 1.5T and an EU 64 with a work area of 600mm x 400mm x 260mm and a max table load of 1.5T. A feed speed of up to 26mm/min (for a 5mm aluminium sheet) and angles up to 15° are possible with our machines. This applies no matter if the steel is hardened or simply tempered. This process is used for producing pegs, cores or inserts. However we also produce openings for flat, block, rounded and oblique ejector pins in the same way.

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