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Supply Chain

As a systems provider of technical plastic components with a global customer base across the most varied mix of sectors we are highly skilled in logistics and are able to meet your process and logistics requirements. We are happy to collaborate with you to find the logistics model best suited to your needs. International logistics, various logistics models and using state-of-the-art technology all form part of our day-to-day work.

We provide our customers from most of all over the world from our company sites in Poland, Turkey and Germany and draw on globally available materials and accessories. As standard processes we use various logistics models, such as LAB, FAB, JIT, KANBAN, VMI and CMI.

In 2014 our new fully automated high-bay warehouse was put into operation in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. The new warehouse with around 3,240 storage space and room for approximatelly 6,500 load carriers allows us to map the ever more specific and increasing demands on logistics processes as well as to eliminate the wasteage in warehousing and delivery processes.

Dispatch Warehouse

Due to ever increasing customer requirements and the focus on optimising logistics processes, in 2013, it was decided that a fully-automated narrow-aisle warehouse should be constructed at the Bad Salzuflen site. Increasing efficiency and minimising errors were the main priorities along with creating further storage facilities for new projects.
The narrow-aisle warehouse has over 3,240 storage space and room for approximatelly 6,500 load carriers. Conveyor and control technology can carry out around 40 warehousing jobs per hour and can be expanded to carry out up to 60 movements.
Automated processes begin once the goods have been entered into the system. The goods are transported to the narrow-aisle warehouse using conveyor technology comprising conveyor belts, lifting platforms and transverse shuttle cars. From here, fully automated forklift trucks take the load carriers and store these in one of the five warehouse aisles, each measuring 70 metres in length. The warehouse control system is responsible for the information exchange between both the implemented SAP warehouse management system and the high-bay warehouse controls. The fully automated narrow-aisle warehouse and the parallel storage and dispatch processes allow us to work with system support and in accordance with the FIFO principle. Conveyor and control technology is programmed for storing various load carriers allowing us to map the different packaging requirements of our clients.


Within the company, we also use the most sophisticated technology and automation to ensure that our internal sales and logistics processes allow us to effectively and efficiently deliver goods. This makes it possible to supply materials and begin production simultaneously within the planned timeframe. This involves, among other things:

  • Identifying/checking all incoming goods using a SAP system scanner
  • Labelling and recording all finished, partial and raw goods in the production process
  • Productivity and process security via MDE in the logistics process -> transparent flow of materials throughout production
  • Controlling and optimising storage/production processes via closely integrated ERP systems
  • High availability due to a Jungheinrich fleet management system

The benefits:

  • High delivery performance in terms of quantity and quality
  • Flexible and client-focused demand planning
  • Quick response to clients’ logistics needs

Empties Management

Due to a greater variety of customer needs from various sectors (automotive, medical and many others) we have vast experience and can work to meet your requirements,

  • Unloading/storage/deployment
  • Handling service of empty packaging (electronic account management)
  • Support using an integrated packaging monitor in the SAP system

The benefits:

  • Precise monitoring and fewer transit containers
  • Quickly adjustable containers
  • Flexible handling tailored to the client

Logistics Models

SAP has been used as the leading ERP system since 2008. The entire logistics process from acquisition through to internal scheduling, storage (warehouse management) and dispatch transactions is mapped using SAP. We use a variety of logistics models as standard.

  • Call-offs (LAB) as per VDA4905, Edifact DELFOR and Odette DELINS
  • Detailed call-offs (FAB) as per VDA4015, Edifact DELJIT
  • KANBAN requests
  • Supplier logistics centre (SLC) / Consignment warehouse / Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Labelling according to VDA norms / Customer-specific labelling of load bearers
  • Shipping notifications as per VDA4913, Edifact DESADV

The benefits:

  • Standardised logistics processes
  • Coordinated logistics models
  • EDI data sharing

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