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Project Management

Industry diversity and multiproject management makes us your strong partner. Punctuality, quality and efficiency are key to successful project work. Our team is sure to meet your requirements for a smooth project run

Processor—oriented work according to IATF 16949 and DIN lSO 9001 is one of our standards. Our demand for optimal project realisation is often shaped by our customers requirements and contributes to a continual improvement process. We combine many years of interdisciplinary experience with innovative thinking for the optimal implementation of your new projects.

QPP - Quality Preplanning

Our quality preplanning department devises qualitative objectives and the required design processes for your products. Our quality preplanning team with close collaboration with you and the entire project team. In this way, we lay the foundation for an optimal production process for your products. In addition to standardised methods such as FMEA, production control plans and test plans we are also broadly concerned with creating and appraising measuring devices. Internal product and process audits ensure the quality of the entire project duration right up until completion of the range.

Product Development

We guarantee optimal execution of our projects in accordance with your specifications throughout our product development process, PDP for short. Mapping project phases in the form of milestones of stages of maturity ensures clarity for you and all members of the team. Central planning, monitoring and administration of all information relevant to the project allows for efficient, focused collaboration between all departments.

The benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • Clarity
  • Reliability

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