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Painting – an increasingly important surface refinement for plastic parts. We have two robotic coating systems and a hand~painting booth available. Our conveyor systems guarantee pre-set evaporation, drying and cooling times for the painting items. With the available colour supply, all commercially available 1K and 2K paint systems can be processed on a hydro- and solvent basis.

Robot Painting Systems

Coko is also a big name in the field of surface finishing.  Automatic application of paint by robots saves paint and improves quality. Coko has two robotic coating systems for liquid paint application. This allows us to meet customers’ painting and structuring requirements to a high standard of quality.

The benefits:

  • even layer thicknesses
  • better surface appearance
  • better paint adhesion on freshly moulded parts
  • low paint wastage due to precise painting and dispensing of paint according to the component’s position

Hand Painting

Not all component series need to be painted using painting robots. For such cases, Coko also offers hand painting services. Qualified painters make your requirements a reality.

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