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…from your component idea to the finished injection mould. Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees in designing, we are not only able to assist you with the plastic-compatible article construction but can also create your mold completely in 3D. As the CAD software, we use the current versions of Cimatron and Catia. For the CAM area, we use WorkNC, and we create the filling simulations with Moldflow. Through this “all-inclusive package”, we can recognise the challenges of the production in advance and make the appropriate changes in close contact with you.


At our site, we have many years of experience in tool design. We are able to make injection moulding tools for all standard injection moulding processes (1K-compact injection, multi-component injection, injection compression tools, GID, GGD, tandem and stack moulds). We are equipped to technically assess and to carry out changes of your components even years after the moulding tools were initially designed.

The benefits:

  • Complete tool design in 3D
  • Many years of experience in designing moulding tools
  • Change possibilities even years after the initial designs


The CAM department generates milling programmes for our CNC milling machines. Due to many years of experience and continuous training in the software we use, our technicians are equipped to find effective solutions for even the most difficult of challenges. Even more colleagues from the CNC milling department are skilled in programming and are available to support the team.

As a CNC milling machine is only as good as the programme used to operate it, we consider sound and efficient programming to be particularly important. As we have the option of providing 5-axis machining at out machine plant we are therefore able to programme the machines accordingly.


Using Moldflow analyses, we are able to find the optimal injection point for your products. The anticipated warpage for each component on the basis of the chosen injection point can be calculated and optimised where necessary using specialised measures. We can simulate the influence of a change in dimensions in advance and are therefore able to optimise the design. The influence of different materials used can also be represented in the analysis. Due to the high computing power required, a high-end computer is used for this purpose.

The benefits:

  • Optimal identification of the injection point
  • Assessment of possible deviations in the dimensions caused by warping
  • Analyses and consulting to optimise the results of the injection moulding process

Data Transfer

There are several possible methods for data transfer: The standard process is data transfer via our Coko data management portal (FTP server).
To account for matters of security, we use the same OFTP2 process certified by the German Automotive Association (VDA) / Odette. We would be happy to create an account for you on our FTP server. We will assign you a user profile and then send you your account password.

For Odette connections, we kindly request that you send us your OFTP2 credentials.

We use all standard interfaces and work with the following CAD systems:

Catia V5-6, Siemens NX10 (Unigraphics) and Cimatron E12

→ For these systems, feel free to send us your data in native format.

For CAM programming, we use the following programmes:

Worknc G3 V24 and Peps Wire V5

We also use Autodesk Moldflow 2016 Insight.

Technical Consulting

A technical advisor for all of you future projects will be selected for your from our technology department. This means you will have a point of contact with many years of experience in tool manufacturing who is ready to help you overcome any technical challenges you may come up against. Your point of contact will not only check your data and outline in preparation for plastics manufacture but is also responsible for creating the initial concepts for the mold. These are then calculated at our site or at the site of one of our longstanding partners in Germany, Portugal or the Far East. We therefore guarantee that we are always able to offer you the best possible price for the molds you have ordered. Once the order has been placed, the point of contact notifies the engineer who advises him throughout the mold manufacturing process. Together with the project manager who is the middleman between you and our mold suppliers and our production plant whose job it is to ensure effective communication of difficulties and queries.

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