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To be able to produce assemblies or systems from individual components even in large numbers, we use fully automated assembly systems or semi-automatic assembly aids with integrated quality control, as needed. This also ensures the reproducibility of the manufacturing process. lt is important in assembly manufacture to ensure that the desired component functions, e.g. through tightness and pressure tests as well as acoustic tests. Laser welding or gluing are available as modern joining technologies. As a result, complicated screw-on processes (for example) can be avoided.

Pad Printing

Coko makes plastic components for you which not only work but which also looks good too.  Almost every plastic component can be cleanly and precisely printed or decorated using a pad printing process. This is especially important when the batch size is smaller and inline printing using the injection moulding machine is not economically viable.  Coko completes his finishing process during the assembly stage and to high quality standards.

Assembly Lines

Our industrial engineering department specialises in assembling complex modules with integrated tests, be these fully or semi-automated. In collaboration with the clients, requirements are implemented into the desired level of quality. Trained employees satisfy customers requirements in terms of quality and punctuality.

Welding Processes

The appropriate welding process is determined according to component dimensions, module requirements and the various materials used. All of the processes are used daily on our site.

  • Mirror welding
    Coko uses mirror welding technology to weld plastic parts with a large-surface area at a low cost. The high level of automation and a wide range of weldable plastics offers our customers the best options for joining their products.
    This method uses a heating mirror between the two plastic surfaces to be welded together which are then fused by being pressed together.
  • Ultrasonic welding
    To ensure airtight and watertight seams we use ultrasonic welding technology. The ultrasonically welded joints can be made of various thermoplastic materials and have visually perfect, secure and replicable welding seams.
  • Laser welding
    Coko uses 3D laser technology for plastic welding to offer customers comprehensive solutions made of high-grade plastics with which practically any welding joint configurations can be arranged. The laser welded joints are extremely mechanically durable and allow for dimensions which are otherwise not possible in injection moulding.


Gluing Applications

Gluing technology - a process developed for lightweight construction.  The reduced weight of the construction is due to a combination of the materials used and intelligently designed dimensions such as with plastics and carbon fibres but the item’s ability to perform stays the same. However this combination of materials and the increased importance of reducing the item’s weight presents new challenges, particularly in terms of adhesion methods.
Gluing technology was developed as an important alternative solution for joining different materials and complexly designed dimensions. Adhesive and gluing technology is therefore more important than ever in ensuring the best possible quality throughout the assembly process. Coko has a truly modern adhesive unit which, among other things, joins components for the automotive industry. Please take a look at some of our practical examples.

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