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Heating & Climate

Equipment for heating and air conditioning used to hang in dark basements – the design was secondary. The world has changed – innovative equipment is now being packaged in innovative housing technology. We ensure that the look of the housing also reflects the overall requirements of the device. Components with large dimensions on injection moulding machines up to 2,400 t and a weight of up to almost 7 kg can be implemented. Whether painted or pre-assembled-our team and their innovative equipment technology are fully committed to you. Renowned customers already rely on us – be one of them!

Heating Technology

Coko produces large components with a strong focus on their aesthetic appearance. For these kinds of products, Coko’s team of specialists supports you right from the tender phase. Injected thread elements for securing housings, injected displays for visualisation of status indicators or multi-part components for various functions create highly integrated components to reduce your business operation costs. Subsequent assembly (e.g. sealing) and further finishing treatments (e.g. hot stamping / printing) are often carried out at the same time as production processes at Coko. We advise you on how your housing components can best meet the aesthetic requirements of your entire device.

The benefits:

  • Extensive experience in the heating technology sector
  • Injection moulding including lacquering and finishing on-site

Extensive assembly options

Air Purification and Climate Control Devices

Modern air purification and climate control devices are a visual feature in office and residential buildings. The housings are often composed of modules and can often be arranged in a number of different ways. Plastics of various colours are used as a design feature, but their modularity still enables the precision fit required for their assembly. The surface finish must be perfect, pushing the boundaries of the tool and injection moulding technologies. The high standards for components require a team that is totally behind its product. The team at Coko is behind all of this

The benefits:

  • Extensive experience in the air purification technology sector
  • Specialists in innovative surfaces
  • Pre-assembly options

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