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The Coko team also takes on tough challenges. Our network of tool suppliers has an international reach. Simultaneous production of tools and precision delivery of SOP is at the heart of what we do.

Coko supplies automotive manufacturers with products for innovative vehicles. Our specialists implement ideas for the vehicle interior, the exterior, and for technical components. Specialists with excellent knowledge will advise you during the RFQ phase. Analyses of the component design’s feasibility will provide support for our clients right from the beginning of a project. Construction of the tool is all carried out and supervised by Coko.

Professional project management ensures precision is achieved in accordance with the SOP. Corresponding quality management methods ensure quality of components. Coko works according to IATF 16949 guidelines and has the relevant certifications.


Decorative components for vehicle interiors require precise tool and injection moulding technology. Galvanised or lacquered plastic components, assembled and assessed modules - our specialists know the approaches that will lead to success. High value interiors have become a key feature of modern vehicles. Plastic components made by Coko meet this need. Moulded by Coko, painted and printed by Coko - assembled by Coko; we are experts in the core technologies required for interior furnishings - whether these are used aesthetically or to fulfil an important technical purpose. Give us a challenge - we will make it a reality for you!

The benefits:

  • Extensive experience in interior furnishings
  • Injection moulding followed by lacquering on-site
  • Decorative work carried out on site
  • Techniques for functionality testing


Complex visible components for the automotive industry - Coko knows how to make these. Plastic components help to reduce weight and therefore reduce fuel consumption - with all of this allowing designers and developers even greater freedom. Made to measure components with genuine aesthetic appeal - this is what we do best. High-grade visible components for car roofs, various decorative and functional elements integrated into the body work of the car, components for utility vehicles with large dimensions constitute just a small part of our range of components which the large automobile manufacturers received from Coko.

The benefits:

  • in-depth experience in collaborating directly with OEMs
  • an ample workforce for large projects
  • broadly equipped machine plant

Technical Components

Coko’s technical components ensure functionality of many vehicle systems. Headlight housings, aerodynamic seals for reduced resistance (Cw value) in 2 component technology are just some examples of this. Together with the client, Coko integrates numerous functions in its plastic components - our team provides valuable support in designing plastic-compatible components. Early supplier involvement is a discipline in which we are well versed. Just ask us - your ideas combined with our experience will lead to a winning team.


The benefits:

  • a strong team to support you through the production creation process
  • large series production (broadly equipped machine plant, silo production)
  • highly varied selection of tool suppliers


One of our real core skills is producing components for the motorcycle industry. Coko supplies the largest German motorbike manufacturers with a variety of components. Components for BMW motorbikes require innovative tool construction concepts. GID components, galvanised components, lacquering and high demands on tolerances of designs and materials allow no margin for error. Coko draws on an enormous wealth of experience to make these components. Continued development of these manufacturing technologies (e.g. laser welding rather than gluing) is at the heart of the work done by our engineering and production team.

The benefits:

  • specialists with knowledge of the motorcycle industry
  • innovative production technology
  • ambitious tool design concepts

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