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Values & Goals

Our vision:

The perfect factory

Our mission:

Attractive employer with state-of-the-art technology. Best quality and excellent environmental protection.

Our values:

Open, appreciative communication, credibility, reliability, predictability and willingness to help. Everything else comes from that.

The company as a strong team

We are a family business and that is how the people who work here should also feel – like they are at home.

Expertise and motivation…

…the people who work here are essential success factors. They form the basis of the perfect factory. And the perfect factory supplies the perfect product. Expertise is a transient good. This is why advanced training and further qualification are of great importance to us.

Innovation as self-evident

We work according the motto of Kiichiro Toyoda (founder of Toyota Motor Corporation) “The goal is to make every person´s life a little nicer each day.

Responsibility and sustainability

This is nothing new to us: Our first environmental statement comes from 1997, and since than we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (along with many other standards)


“… is not a coincidence, but rather the result of business processes that work” (Quote: Korn Consult). We share this opinion.

Other topics

Coko as an Employer

Well-educated employees stand for the quality of our work.


Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications


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