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One company, four locations, active worldwide

Coko is synonymous with plastic injection moulding and specialises in producing large components. Coko is particularly active in the following industries: The automotive, white goods, heating and climate control, medical and industrial sectors.

The parent company was founded in Kassel, Germany in 1926 and has been firmly established in East Westphalia, Germany since 1945. Coko stands out with its combination of tradition and innovation. Coko is innovative, forward-thinking and internationally positioned to face the challenges set by our clients. With the plant expansions in Poland and Turkey, we are demonstrating our flexibility to our clients. A total of 1,500 employees at four locations are growing together each day in the face of new challenges, with even further expansion planned for the future.

Bad Salzuflen

The Coko headquarters in Bad Salzuflen is the company’s centre of development and innovation. We are a systems provider for technical plastic components. In the spirit of a “one-stop shop”, our portfolio offers professional consulting, our own tool workshop as well as an assembly and an international sales service. We have an injection moulding process with a component load capacity of up to 10 kg in a large machine plant, carring out assembly of complex component modules and offer painting and other finishing services all accompanied by the most sophisticated of logistics processes.

Facts and figures

Foundation: 1926
Employees: 580
Area: 47,400 m²


IATF 16949 certifikate
ISO 9001 certifikate
ISO 14001 certifikate


Coko-Werk GmbH & Co. KG
Porschestraße 5
32107 Bad Salzuflen
Phone: +49 5222 2899-0

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Łódź Plant I

Coko plant 1 in Łódź, Poland was established in 2000 and fully renovated in 2016.  It is our first international location and was established to carry out local production work for the client and to cater to its needs. Here the current focus is on visible components of single or multi-component injection moulding, surface finishes by painting or printing, complex assembly processes for entire component modules, state-of-the-art production methods as well as “just in sequence” logistics processes 7 days a week.

Facts and figures

Foundation: 2000
Employees: 260
Area: 8,500 m²


ISO 14001 certificate


Coko-Werk Polska sp.z.o
Ul. Lodowa 93D
(formerly Dabrowskiego 225/243)
93-232 Łódź
Phone: (+48) (42) 253 11 00

Łódź Plant II

In 2012, due to the high workload of factory 1 in Łódź, we decided to open another facility 20km from the first. The product could therefore be expanded and we were then able to provide our clients with a comprehensive service. Factory 2 in Łódź produces visible and exterior components as well as base units for dishwashers, supplies the automotive industry with interiors and exteriors for various OEMs and the solar energy industry with a range of housing components with sealing applications. “Just in sequence” deliveries 7 days a week.

Facts and figures

Foundation: 2012
Employees: 330
Area: 12,000 m²


IATF 16949 certificate
ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 14001 certificate


Coko-Werk Polska Sp. z.o.o
Ul. Langiewicza 52
95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki
Phone: (+48) (42) 270 40 00


Our factory in Cerkezköy, Turkey was built in 2006. As a result, we are particularly well situated for our international clients and are able to operate with flexibility. The focus in Cerkezköy is on visible and housing components of single and multi-component injection moudling, tandem technology, surface finishes by painting or printing, complex assembly processes for entire component modules, white goods and products for the heating, plumbing and HiFi industries.

Facts and figures

Foundation: 2006
Employees: 380
Area: 16,500 m²


ISO 9001 certificate


Coko-Werk Plastik Im. San. Ltd. Sti
C.O.S.B. Gazi Osman Pasa Mah. 23 Sk.11
59501 Cerkezköy / Tekirdag

Phone: +90 282 735 26 00



The Coko team also takes on tough challenges. Our network of tool suppliers has an international reach

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