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Coko is investing in the most modern cutting-edge laser welding technology

It is becoming increasingly important for German companies, particularly those in the plastics industry, to use new and efficient technologies. In order to stay technologically up to date into the future, Coko has also invested in laser welding technology. This innovative joining process is used to affix two components which may be made of two different materials. Just as with every process, there are factors which determine the success of laser welding on plastics.

The most important criteria include the following:

The advantages are crystal clear. The laser welded joints are extremely mechanically durable and often have the same strength as the original material. This results in surfaces of incredible quality without any micro-particles, adhesive residue or other imperfections. This produces little waste and allows for qualitatively consistent reproducibility.

Only very few plastics processing companies currently offer their clients this technology.

The laser beam penetrates the upper joining part and is absorbed by the second one underneath. As it is warmed, this causes the material to plasticise. This bridges the gap between the workpieces and heats the upper joining part using a heat conductor. The main aim for a successful joint is to achieve as small a thermically isolated gap as possible between the workpieces.

A laser welding mask is specifically developed for every component. The strength is then determined using a tensile testing machine.

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