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Cutting-Edge Measuring Technology: ATOS Triple Scan has been successfully implemented

By investing in ATOS Triple Scan made by GOM (Gesellschaft für Optische Messtechnik) Coko has secured itself the most modern measuring and projection technology. With this entirely new solution, we are able to get extremely precise measurements and complete data.

The planar-scanning ATOS 3D-digitiser is used in the injection moulding and plastics processing industry for checking the shape and dimensions of injection moulded components. Evaluation using a 3D-deviation colour plot allows for a significantly faster and more efficient analysis of components than is possible using conventional measuring methods. Via a process of discharging and production monitoring, every injection moulded component can be especially well assessed for the appearance of defects such as warping or shrinkage.

This may also allow for increasingly shorter product cycle times, especially during the quality control process.

Previously, we assessed the products using only one setting on the measuring machine. In this case, only a few hundred measuring points are recorded meaning that large regions of the component are left “blind” i.e. unmapped. The product quality and the product’s release for production must then be determined based on this small amount of measurement data

It is the job of the quality monitoring team to find the source of a problem, if an injection moulded component does not meet expectations. To do this, it is often necessary to draw conclusions from the form and the function of several individual parts after they have been assembled together. This requires a great deal of time. Innovative companies and now using optical digitising systems to speed up the first sampling process and to reduce the workload in assessing the quality of products. These systems make it possible to measure products in their entirety with great efficiency and at high resolutions. Warping and shrinkage of an injection moulded component can be identified by a complete 3D comparison against CAD data (or data from a sample component) then represented as false colour deviations in the ATOS inspection software and can therefore be immediately located and quickly understood. By using the full 3D reading, it is possible to identify problem areas that would not have been recorded using a point-by-point, tactile measuring process.

An overview of the benefits:

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